Had lower back pain a couple weeks ago and after just a few physio sessions with Nirav, the pain has subsided. I am feeling much better and am very happy with the treatments I have received. Thanks very much Nirav for your professionalism and friendly nature.

My name is Mark Lim

Nirav is a highly professional, knowledgeable and approachable physiotherapist. Through his good diagnosis and efficient physiotherapy techniques, Nirav has helped to fix my chronic ankle synovitis which has been causing me long term pain. I would definitely recommend Nirav as a good physiotherapist to consult if you need treatment. – Mark Lim

My name is Pam Richardson

We always complain when anything is not up to par, So l would just like to let you know. The  exceptional care and services l received from  Nirav  Sanjanwala, After my recent Knee operation. nothing was to much trouble,so very attentive to detail and very professional in every way. I have no hesitation in Recommending […]


Osteoarthritis (OA) or degenerative joint disease affects a large number of the population and can be well managed by maintenance physiotherapy and a prescribed exercise program at GO RUN GO PHYSIO. Research indicates that 90% of people will have some type of osteoarthritic changes occurring in their weight bearing joints by the time they are […]


It is also important to avoid prolonged sitting. If your job requires this you should make an effort to move around in you chair and definitely get up every half-hour or so even if only briefly. Your workstation may also be creating problems. Your physiotherapist will be able to PROVIDE A THOROUGH ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT […]


If you haven’t experienced severe back pain then you can’t possibly know how debilitating and frustrating it can be – let alone painful. A lot of these acute back problems can be avoided with just a little effort. The number one preventative measure is posture. Good posture means maintaining the three natural gentle curves of […]


We have all heard the figures – approximately 80 percent of the population will experience lower back pain at some stage in their life. Though most of the population suffering chronic back problems tend to be the over 50s with arthritic and overuse complaints, we do still see a disappointingly high number of young people […]


Shoulder pain can be linked to a range of injuries, and resolution may require treatment to your shoulder, back and neck. Some of the more frequent conditions that present in clinic are postural dysfunctions or problems, post-surgical rehabilitation, tendon impingement, shoulder bursitis, acute joint soft tissue injuries, rotator cuff dysfunction, rotator cuff tears, AC joint […]


GO RUN GO Physio treats very common knee pains originating from the patello-femoral joint or knee cap (patella). They can result in diffuse or sharp pains surrounding the knee cap or even behind the knee. They tend to be aggravated by any bent knee activity such as running, kneeling, squatting, sitting for prolonged periods or […]