Osteoarthritis (OA) or degenerative joint disease affects a large number of the population and can be well managed by maintenance physiotherapy and a prescribed exercise program at GO RUN GO PHYSIO.

Research indicates that 90% of people will have some type of osteoarthritic changes occurring in their weight bearing joints by the time they are 40 years of age. While not all of these are symptomatic, osteoarthritic patients present regularly in large numbers to their doctors or health professionals with joint pain and inflammation. These damaged joints can be irritated at work, during sport or in a home related trauma. Different joints are affected depending on posture, injury, past history and a range of hereditary factors. The most commonly-affected joints are spinal and weight-bearing joints such as the hip and knee.

Physiotherapist Nirav’s treatment provides conservative but effective results with even severely damaged arthritic joints. A thorough assessment is vital for treatment prescription.

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